Environmental Portraits

Shawn Olszewski, of Mount Oliver, has been camping at Mellon Green for more than a week.  “I plan to stay here until we’re arrested or until we win.”

Cliff Loosier, of Pittsburgh, brought his son Bailey to the Occupy Pittsburgh campground for the weekend.  “It’s fun,” said Bailey.  “All the people are nice.”

Mike Robinson of Pittsburgh has been staying at the Occupy Pittsburgh camp ground since its beginning and plans to stay “as long as it takes.” Robinson said that he loves the sense of community at the camp ground.  “We even have people in suits stopping and thanking us.  It makes us feel like we’re not just a bunch of leftists,” said Robinson. “It’s going to keep growing. Soon we’re going to have to move to that other space across the street. Maybe we’ll have to start building vertically and match their skyscrapers.”

Michael Hider of North Hills visited the Occupy Pittsburgh camp ground on Saturday, October 22, 2011 to protest for the day.  “I’m here because I’m part of the 99% and I wanted to show my solidarity.”

Austin Zahar of Denver, Co. has been traveling the country for the past month visiting several cities to participate in Wall Street protests.  After Pittsburgh, Zahar plans to head to Washington DC and eventually New York City.

Alex Chakhtov of Pittsburgh visited the Occupy Pittsburgh camp ground on Sunday, October 23, 2011 to show his support for the movement.

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