Election Day

Tiffany Lehman of Oakland signed in to vote at the Friendship Community Church in Oakland.  “I’m a political science major so I’m really into politics,” said Lehman. “It’s our right to vote and everyone should do it.”

Ciera Powe of the Hill District brought her 11-year-old sister Kache Powe with her to the polls. “I’m just here to exercise my right,” said Ciera Powe.

Jonathan Robinson, a ward committee member, spent election day visiting as many polling places as possible to make sure the process was running smoothly.

Joyce Hough, majority inspector, showed Amber Watson of Oakland how to use the voting machine.

Jerome Mills, 18, voted for his first time on November 8, 2011 at the Friendship Community Church in Oakland.

Judge of Election Julia Burley signed John Bryant of Oakland in to vote at the Friendship Community Church.

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