Presque Isle

On Saturday, my nature photography class took a trip to Presque Isle in Erie, PA.  This was my first time ever being to Lake Erie so I was excited about having a fresh place to photograph.  Before going out to shoot, we visited the Tom Ridge Environmental Center to hear our instructor Chris give a presentation on his PA state park project.  I think that hearing the presentation and seeing Chris’s photos gave everyone the inspiration we needed for our first day of shooting nature photography.

This was my first experience shooting on a beach in the winter.  It was strange and interesting.  I liked the contrast of snow and sand intermingled.  It was a grey, cloudy day.  All the colors were muted and it provided a very different look at a beach environment than what you get on a sunny summer day.

After a failed attempt to ford a flooded trail into the wooded area, I ended up sticking to the beach for most of the day. I found myself most interested in photographing the stones and shells along the beach.  Once you got down to the same level as them, they reflected light in a really cool way.  I also took several photos of the texture of the sand, experimenting with different depths of field.

I’ve always loved photographing water, but most of my experiences have been with rivers.  I haven’t had many opportunities to photograph lakes.  The wind on Saturday caused a lot of waves in the water, which made the lake even more interesting to photograph.  I liked the way the waves formed lines that cut the beach into layers.  There was a layer of snow, then sand, then water and then in some places a line of rocks which created a cool visual effect.

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