Frankfort Mineral Springs

This week our nature photography class ventured to Frankfort Mineral Springs. It was a beautiful day and I had spent a long day in class, itching to get outside.  When I got out of the shuttle and started down the path, it was a visual overload.  All the trees, rocks and water had so much interesting detail.  I started out photographing the moss and fungus that had grown on fallen trees.

When I made it to the waterfall, I was first drawn to the bright orange sulfur deposits on the cave wall formed by water flowing out of the rock.  The waterfall itself was beautiful the way it tumbled over the cliff.  Also, even though it was such a warm day there was still ice formed in the cavern.  I loved the photos I got that showed the frozen water and the flowing water side by side.

I spend the rest of the trip experimenting with different shutter speeds while photographing the creek.  The biggest obstacle was trying to set up the tripod in the water and still getting the composition I wanted.  I ended up abandoning the tripod and still got some shots I really like.

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