McConnell’s Mill

When our class visited McConnell’s Mill two weeks ago I had a alarm malfunction and ended up missing the shuttle.  Fortunately, I was able to find a ride there this past weekend to make up the assignment.  The weather was undesirable. It was cold, snowy and incredibly windy.  I started at the Hell’s Hollow part of the park. I loved how the stream had cut its way into the rock.

I used this trip to really focus on the theme of my portfolio: textures.  I looked for areas that didn’t look like anything special until you got up close and noticed the texture of the tree/rock/water etc.

Shale behind the waterfall

Shale stone and moss

Icicles and moss

McConnell’s Mill is a place that I would rather photograph in the summer than the winter.  Rocks near the waterfall were very icy and slippery and I couldn’t get down as far as I wanted to.  Also, I think the area would look beautiful when it’s fully green and on a sunny day.


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