Bilger’s Rocks

While I was home for spring break I chose to photograph a location in my hometown of Curwensville called Bilger’s Rocks.  Bilger’s Rocks are sandstone formations that were formed 320 million years ago during the formation of the super continent Pangea. The rocks are full of crevices, caves, passages and archways formed by tectonic movement.  Bilger’s Rocks has played an important part in local history.  It was home to the Chinkalacamoose tribe of Native Americans and was also part of the Underground Railroad.  Sadly, in the 1980s, Bilger’s Rocks became a teenage party spot. The rocks became riddled with broken glass, beer cans and graffiti.  The Bilger’s Rocks Association was formed to clean up the area and make it safe for hikers and climbers again.  Today, the rocks have been cleaned up, but much of the graffiti still remains.


I’ve been going to Bilger’s Rocks since I was old enough to walk.  It’s one of my favorite places in the world.  Being there gives you the feeling of traveling through time.  You can feel the age of the prehistoric rocks and it feels like a dinosaur could come walking around the corner at any moment.

One of my favorite things about the rocks is how trees interact with them.  Roots twist and turn down the rocks to reach the soil and trunks bend around rocks to find the sunlight.



Before this trip, I thought that I knew every inch of Bilger’s Rocks.  I decided to stray away from the rocks a bit and follow the creek into the woods. I ended up discovering areas that I have never seen before, which was very exciting for me.

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